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Tracking Map


€25 + VAT*

base price

Broadcasting live & replay of one contestLive Tracking with Racemap App

Monthly Billing of Devices, Page Views & Add-Ons

Generous free tier of 500 devices & 5,000 page views for your activated events. 

  • Devices

    up to 500 | free
    501 to 1,000 | €1 + VAT*1,001+ | €0.25 + VAT*
    per device

    monthly number of devices in your account

  • Page Views

    up to 5,000 | free
    5,001 to 50,000 | €25 + VAT*50,001+ | €10 + VAT*
    per 1,000 page views

    monthly page views in your account

    Devices become chargeable with sending data related to start- and finish time of an activated event (base price has been paid).
    A device is anything that causes a dot in your Tracking Map. A device may be a smart phone, a GPS tracker, timekeeping equipment such as a transponder, a Track Box or a decoder. 
    A device is charged for a period of 10 days from the first timestamp. If there is more data different from this period additional devices become chargeable.
    Each loading of Tracking Maps, Leaderboards and Data Feeds in your account is one page view. 
    You may archive your Tracking Maps in order to limit page views.

Contact us for a quote and with any questions. Check also our customer stories. Estimate costs for Live Tracking & geolocating your sports event with the price calculator. 

Tracking Maps

Devices up to 500 | free

Page Views up to 5,000 | free

Add-Ons make your Event unique

Spectators, participants, sponsors and organizing staff will see your event from an exciting new perspective.

  • Leaderboard

    €50 + VAT*

    Virtual timestamps without any hardware for timekeeping. Easy real-time scoring, ranking, and results with location data and geofences. Perfect for virtual races independent from if your event has a given race track or if participants join from everywhere. 

  • Keys

    €1 + VAT*


    No risk, no charge of unused keys. Easily download event-specific keys. Perfect for selling Live Tracking in your online registration and automatically sync participants' data.

  • Article illustration photo

    Data Feed

    €50 + VAT*

    API providing real-time data such as geolocations or virtual timestamps. Live data for every participant of your competition. Perfect for TV graphics or for speed monitoring or for effortless live rank and results.

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    Sponsor Logo

    €50 + VAT*

    Including a logo and a link, attractive advertising space directly in your Tracking Map. Perfect for showing your sponsor on mobile devices.

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    Setup Service

    €50 + VAT*

    per Tracking Map

    We create the Tracking Map in your Racemap account with the best settings to meet your requirements. Perfect for saving your valuable time.

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    GPS Live Trackers

    rent from €62.50 + VAT*buy from €47.00 + VAT*

    5 devices 1 device

    Perfect to keep track of the leading group, broom wagon, VIPs or ambulances. Can be used in combination with our Tracking App and to Predictive Tracking.

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    m2m SIM Card

    €5 + VAT*

    10 cards per month

    traffic charged separately starting from €0.15 per MBLive data for tracking, timekeeping etc. Not just one provider, m2m SIM cards use the best available network. Fast data transmission through LTE. Good net coverage extends battery life of devices. Upgrade your devices for worldwide use.

Customer Stories

Adapt Live Tracking to small projects and even the largest races

Heading photo

Unlisted Tracking Map & Passcode

Seven cyclists uphill a pass in the Alpes. A friend accompanies the group by car to provide refreshments and motivation. To manage breaks and to avoid wasting time, they create an unlisted Tracking Map for this bike tour. Three cyclists already own a Racemap GPS Tracker and add their devices to this Tracking Map. The other four cyclists use the free Racemap App. Redeeming the free passcode they activate their App for tracking in this specific map. The car driver keeps track of all seven cyclists on his mobile. All have a perfect day.

ACTIVATION€25 + VAT* base price
MONTHLY BILLINGOne registers a new Racemap account. For that reason devices and page views from this tour only are billed in the new account, as no previous event exists.€0 => 7 devices covered with free tier
€0 => 255 page views covered with free tier

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Public Tracking Map, Sponsor Logo & Rent GPS Tracker

A trail run aims to collect donations for a charity project. Nine athletes running, additional four vehicles accompany logistical support such as routing. For publicity and for safety reasons, all 13 participants are tracked in the live visualization. The race organizer embedded the group map of all 3 stages on his website, to show his project the community. The project is supported by a sponsor which adds his logo with its link. To have maximum reliability the organizer decides to rent GPS Trackers instead of using our free Tracking App. 

ACTIVATION3 Tracking Maps, for each stage one map€75 + VAT* = 3 * €25 base price + VAT* 
MONTHLY BILLING€0 => 39 devices in this month, covered with free tier
The organizer uses Racemap for a couple of years. He has created maps and tracked several projects, he keeps the replays to show his community. For that reason, page views for previous events are recorded. 5,571 monthly page views (4,215 for current event, 1,356 for replays of previous projects)€0 => 5,000 free page views credited€25 + VAT* for 571 page views
Add-On - Sponsor Logo in 3 Tracking Maps€150 + VAT* = 3 * €50 + VAT*
Add-On - Rent Standard GPS Trackers, price level 5 to 19 devices, 1 weekend€162.50 + VAT* = 13 devices * €12.50 per device + VAT*
TOTAL€412.50 + VAT* = €75 + €25 + €150 + €162.50 + VAT*

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Tracking Map, archived Tracking Map & Set-Up Service

The race director of a city marathon set-up Live Tracking to offer his participants, spectators and speaker exciting real-time information of his competition. Athletes just use the free Racemap App to join Live Tracking - no additional effort for the organizing staff on-site. To save his valuable time the race organizer books Racemap team to create the needed maps and settings such as points of interest, group map for all 3 contests.

ACTIVATION3 Tracking Maps, for 10km contest, 21km & 42km each one map€75 + VAT* = 3 * €25 base price + VAT*
MONTHLY BILLING1201 devices, 450 Apps signed up for 10km, 441 for 21km, 310 for 42km€0 => 500 free devices credited€500 + VAT* for 500 devices€50.25 + VAT* for 201 devices
The race director uses Racemap for three years, now. To prevent spectators from generating page views with the old events, he archives the replays one month before the next big race. 58,349 monthly page views for all 3 Tracking Maps €0 => 5,000 free monthly page views credited€1,125 + VAT* for 45,000 page views€90 + VAT* for 8,349 page views
Set-Up Service for 3 Tracking Maps€150 + VAT* = 3 * €50 + VAT*
TOTAL€1,990.25 + VAT* = €75 + €500 + €50.25 + €1,125 + €90 + €150 + VAT*€1.66 + VAT* for each participant who used Live Tracking

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Tracking Map, Keys & Reseller

The time keeper manages Live Tracking for a big 24hr MTB relay with many teams. To monetize the tracking service, keys are sold directly with the online application. For additional €10 the participants receive a key to activate tracking in Racemap App for this race. 1,780 participants registered for the race. The race starts SAT at 12.00 PM and finishes SUN at 12.00 PM.

ACTIVATION€25 + VAT* base price
MONTHLY BILLING635 devices €0 => 500 free devices credited€135 + VAT* for 135 devices
103,179 page views in this month €0 => 5,000 free page views credited€1,125 + VAT* for 45,000 page views€540 + VAT* for 53,179 page views
Add-On Keys - As Live Tracking supports the teams for transition many participants paid for the tracking option and 535 keys were used in Racemap App.€635 + VAT* = 635 * €1 + VAT*
TOTAL - the regular pricing amounts to€2,460 + VAT* = €25 + €135 + €1,125 + €540 + €635 + VAT*€3.89 + VAT* for each participant who joined Live Tracking
As the timekeeper uses Racemap as a reseller, he uses the tracking solution with an attractive discount on the regular pricing.

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Tracking Map, Keys & Data Feed

A race organizer sells online a virtual challenge of running 500km within two months for €25. Participants contribute their activities flexibly with Racemap Tracking App or with a fitness tracker. They can run anywhen, anywhere and as often they want. The key matches multiple activities to a specific participant. Live rank and result list are provided by a 3rd party solution. Therefore the virtual timestamps are pulled from Racemap Data Feed every 5min. 1,318 participants join the virtual race.

ACTIVATION€25 + VAT* base price
MONTHLY BILLING3,112 devices - Participants upload data from many activities within the two months. After 10 days active period an additional device is charged.  €0 => 1,000 free devices credited in 1st & 2nd month of the event€1,000 + VAT* for 1,000 devices (1st & 2nd month)€278 + VAT* for 1,109 devices
185,937 page views - 18,000 loadings of data feed every 5min for two months and 167,937 loadings of live map €0 => 10,000 free page views credited in 1st and 2nd month of the event€2,250 + VAT* for 90,000 page views (1st + 2nd month)€860 + VAT* for 85,937 page views
Add-On Data Feed€50 + VAT*
Add-On Keys - Each participant uses a key to enable Racemap App or to upload the activity.€1,318 + VAT* = 1,318 * €1 + VAT*
TOTAL - the regular pricing amounts to€5,781 + VAT* = €25 + €1,000 + €278 + €2,250 + €860 + €50 + €1,318 + VAT*€4.39 + VAT* for each participant who joined the virtual challenge
As the organizer uses Racemap as a reseller, he uses the tracking solution with an attractive discount on the regular pricing.

Discount for Reseller

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* VAT may be applicable depending on your country and legal entity.