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One Tracking App for viewers and for athletes

  • Growing Potential

    Scalable Tracking App for all kind of sports events: All your competitions visible for a specific target group

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    Comprehensive Solution

    All in one App for spectators & participants: Racemap App works to broadcast the race & as a GPS tracker 

  • Feel the Race

    Exciting information: Easy-to-use interface brings all race statistics on smartphones e.g. gap, distance and time to go.

  • Little Effort, Big Impact

    Working with Racemap App instead of GPS trackers safes your on-site stuff a lot of time with a small budget, only.

Spectators use Racemap App to watch the competition

Participants use Racemap App as a GPS tracker

#1 Open Tracking: Search Box Event Name


#2 Open Tracking: Sign up for Live Tracking


#2 Open Tracking: Sign up with your Name & Race Number


#1 Tracking Key: Redeem Key or Passcode in Search Box


#3: Start Live Tracking & Enjoy your Race


Sign up for Open Tracking

    Search box: Type the name of the competition you want to sign up for Live Tracking and select this event.
    Click "Sign up for Live Tracking" to enter your name and your race number.

Redeem Tracking Key or Passcode

    Search box: Redeem tracking key or passcode you have received from the organicer. The app selects your event automatically.
    Enter or confirm your name and your race number.

Step 3

    Click "Start Live Tracking" to show and record your current geo location in this Tracking Map.
    Enjoy your race!

Prepare Live Tracking with Racemap App

    Test Live Tracking a couple of days before your race. The Tracking Map you are signed up supports Live Tracking already. Just test it, so you know how it works well at the competition.
    Share the link of your Tracking Map. Inform your family and friends to watch your race. 
    Stow smartphone properly. The antenna of your tracking device must be uncovered: at the upper arm, in a tricot pocket or in backpack lid pocket.
    Racemap App works with a report interval of 10 sec. It is possible to perform more than 15 hours of live tracking with our App. Tracking effects battery life of your smartphone. Battery life depends on your device, the battery and your usage behavior.» Charge your phone.» Restart your phone.» Stop all apps you do not need.» Use a powerbank for long events.