About Racemap

Racemap aggregates, calculates and analyzes geolocation data of sports events in real-time. 


Broadcasting race visualizations as interactive live maps on the Internet and on smart phones with useful and exciting features. Data feed e.g. for TV graphics such as the distance of the leading group and followers or for speed monitoring.

  • Live Tracking with all data sources

    Free Android & iPhone Tracking App, GPS Tracker and data from timekeeping systems.

  • Continous improvement

    Development driven by the experience of more than 4,000 competitions with over 800,000 tracked participants.

  • Scalable tracking solution

    From small private sports projects to huge events with 1,000 participants and 100,000 spectators watching live


  • 2020

    Virtual Race: Driven by the COVID pandemic we quickly developed a GPS solution to compare athletes' sports exercises and training in respect of health regulations and social distancing. The Virtual Race feature targets canceled or postponed sports events. Watch the sample event racemap.com/player/virtual-race

  • 2019

    Predictive Live Tracking at GMM München Marathon for over 18,000 participants. Effortless Live Tracking of all athletes without additional devices. Great service for 30,000 viewers. Watch the replay of the competition racemap.com/player/generali-muenchen-marathon-2019.

  • 2018

    Launch of shop.racemap.com with GPS Trackers rental service, m2m SIM cards as well as useful equipment for Live Tracking. Formation of the Racemap GmbH by Jens, Norman, Konrad, Karl and Christoph.

  • 2016

    We started working with international resellers, which offer their own tracking service in their local market or for a specific type of sports using the Racemap tracking solution.

  • 2014

    Launch of the Racemap tracking portal racemap.com. Our tracking portal enables our customers to create their own Live Tracking in their Racemap account - hosted tracking solution.

  • 2012

    Release of the Racemap Tracking App for mass-market compatible and cheap Live Tracking, independent from GPS Trackers. We provide the 1st solution for tracking of multiple athletes with their smartphones. Our App combines the tracking feature for participants and the race visualization for viewers.Start of the commercial application of Racemap Live Tracking at events. One of our first customers is the Dresden Marathon.

  • 2009

    The Racemap Team meets at the 100km Duathlon in Dresden. One problem becomes visible: There is no overview of where the athletes are on the course. That is the initial spark that leads to the development of our Live Tracking system.

Racemap Team


Sure, we are a team of enthusiastic web developers. However, what makes Racemap unique is that we are also experts in processing big amounts of data efficiently, process modeling, AI-based predictions as well as automated data analysis. We are passionated about developing and providing the best Live Tracking system for any sport.

  • Andrew Shimmer photo

    Dr. Konrad Treppe

    CEO, Product Management

    loves being outdoors doing sports such as trail running, cycling, cross country skiing, ... . At university, he wrote his dissertation on process modeling and optimization for a predictive process control. Konrad is passionate about getting customers the best Live Tracking.

  • Ann Maisner photo

    Norman Rzepka

    CTO, Full-Stack Development

    is passionate about development systems that process large amounts of data efficiently. He studied IT-Systems Engineering at the HPI Potsdam with a focus on database systems and Machine Learning algorithms.

  • Tomas Abbar photo

    Jens Haupt

    Development of Prediction Models

    is a passionate athlete (e.g. cycling and running) same as a developer. Before co-founding his first business for battery monitoring, he designed and built a university lab for collecting and analyzing large amounts of sensor data.

  • Tomas Abbar photo

    Karl Wolffgang

    Front-End Development 

    always finds a good technical solution for our customers' needs. He once developed prediction models of network behavior in a decentralized power plant control systems and now automated learning systems and algorithms.