An image of the LK106 GPS Tracker

GPS-Tracker LK106

Prepare the GPS-Tracker

Configure tracker according to the manual with SMS commands reffer to the printed manual included with the tracker.

Initialisation of your LK106 Tracker

The following SMS are to be sent to the tracker. If it works the tracker responds with ok.
SMS:     begin123456
Tracker: begin ok
SMS:     password123456 xxxxxx
Tracker: password ok
SMS:     adminxxxxxx 49160123456789
Tracker: admin ok

Configuration for Racemap

SMS:     apnxxxxxx
Tracker: APN ok
SMS:     adminipxxxxxx 5000
Tracker: adminip ok!
SMS:     upload123456 10
Tracker: Time ok
SMS:     nosleep123456
After configuring the tracker please use the following guide to determine if all settings are working

Table shows Meaning of LED blink codes

Color of LEDStatus of indicatorMeaning
GreenSlow flash (flash 1s after every 2s)GSM / GPRS conversation start
Continuously in bright statusNo GPRS signal
LED is offDevice fault or dormant
BlueSlow flash (flash 1s after every 2s)GPS location successful
Continuously in bright statusSearching GPS signal
LED is offDevice fault or dormant
RedSlow flash (flash 1s after every 2s)Low battery
Continuously in bright statusTracker is charging
LED is offCharging complete